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Main features

  • Visual, efficient map-based approach
  • Integration of geographic tools for consultation and research
  • Intelligent search functionality to analyse transaction data and comparables
  • Rights of use for MS BING® maps or Google® maps content (Street + Sat) included

[argo®geo] PRO gives real estate consultants, asset managers, evaluators and research analysts ample possibilities for visually highlighting real estate relevant details based on dynamic aerial views and road maps.

Various search options are available, including proximity search and polygon search for the efficient display of properties, property groups and transactions, to ensure a professional consultation for the customer during the offer process and analysis of market information from research departments.

Property information, transaction data and attachments from [argo®web] can be moused-over for a preview, or pulled up for full details. The integration of supplementary data containers (e.g. socio-demographics) is an optional feature in [argo®geo] PRO.

N 50° 12' 75" E 62' 40"

Technical requirements / Availability


  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • [argo®web] User Licence Monitor 1.280 x 1.024 (recommended resolution)


  • [argo®web] Application Server Licence

Important Information about [argo®geo]

Properties are positioned in the [argo®geo] standard version using the property’s address data (street, house number, city).

Positioning individual or multiple properties in [argo®geo] Professional requires GPS coordinates for each property. Portfolio properties and new properties are automatically built-up in the Professional version using so-called volatile GPS coordinates.

The use of [argo®geo] Professional requires configuration and development services to customise the [argo®web] version and to set up individual [argo®geo] Professional search options, search masks and the property preview. Please refer to the so-called positives and negatives list for the detailed rights of use.

Comparison of Features of the [argo®geo] Versions

Features (brief description) Standard Professional
Integration of Microsoft BING® maps/Google® maps in ARGO Imaging to create individual location maps or aerial views as an attachment for an individual property or for further use in a report or sales documents.
Automatic positioning of an individual property selected in [argo®web] in Microsoft BING® maps/Google® maps road maps or aerial views based on the property address.
Zoom features and shifting image detail (N/S/E/W)
Change view type (show w/ or w/o street label).
Pre-define various sizes and zoom levels for a quick selection of category-specific location excerpts like, for example, micro, macro location for Industrial or Office.
Possibility to shift the selection area or personalise the size of the image detail to create an ideal view frame.
Paste the chosen image detail into ARGO Imaging and save the image detail as an attachment to a property.
[argo®geo] Professional tab in [argo®web] or a similar configuration depending on the customer version for direct navigation of (multiple) selected [argo®web] data records from Property and/or Transaction segments to Microsoft BING® maps/Google® maps.
Mouse-over preview for selected pins/data records shown in Microsoft BING® maps/Google® maps (information to be shown is defined with the customer).
Integrated data table view in Microsoft BING® maps/Google® maps.
Separate search masks in [argo®geo] Professional (fields to be made available are defined with the customer).
Combined search feasible. Various search runs and display of property pins possible in different colours of user’s choice.
Roll-back feature to mask the last search results.
Zooming of user’s choice.
Display of property details, property information and version-specific features such as area overview, documents, pictures and additional linked information (the type of view and specific data to be shown are defined with the customer).
Radius search to seek data records within a freely-definable radius around a starting property.
Polygon search at user’s choice in an individual area to be defined. Polygons can be saved and used again.
Background processing for the simultaneous generation of picture material for multiple properties and saving the generated road maps and/or aerial views in a selected target folder. Individual definition of image size, zoom level and picture type.
Manual validation: verification of GPS position. Feature to re-position properties and deposit new GPS coordinates in [argo®web].

About us

DELTA ACCESS is the leading manufacturer of software solutions for the commercial real estate industry. Careful investigation, the development of solutions specifically tailored to the task and implementation within the relevant company have been proven in practice and are based on a high degree of consolidated expertise.

As an innovative IT systems vendor and market leader, DELTA ACCESS has been supporting real estate consultants, project developers and investment companies (currently in 16 European countries) for more than 20 years.